On Oct 30th 2023, OECD published an article attached with an annual report. This annual report monitors and evaluates agricultural policies in 54 countries, including the 38 OECD countries, the five non-OECD EU Member States, and 11 emerging economies. It finds that support to agriculture has reached record levels amidst subsequent crises, although the increase in support has been less than the sector’s growth. After COVID-19, governments have taken significant action to limit the impacts of the war in Ukraine on the farming sector and markets.

This year’s report focuses on policies for climate-change adaptation and identifies close to 600 adaptation measures adopted by governments, but notes that more action is required to advance the implementation, monitoring and assessment of adaptation measures. The report also finds that most of the support for the sector comes in forms that reduce rather than enhance the sector’s capacity to adjust to future crises, including climate change. In line with the 2022 OECD Agriculture Ministerial Declaration, the report identifies key actions to focus policy efforts on improving agriculture and the food system’s resilience to successive shocks while also enhancing the sector’s environmental performance and productivity.

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Source: OECD

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