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Last article from PwC revealed that despite the high relevance of the ESG agenda in the global community and the growing attention of investors to sustainable development issues, 87.7% of Kazakhstani companies are not familiar with the ESG criteria, according to a survey by the Bureau of National Statistics of the Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan. ESG risks and opportunities directly affect financial performance, strategic goals and other aspects of modern business. Leading companies in international practice pay special attention to aspects of ESG, realizing the relationship between them and the long-term success of companies. Members of the Boards of Directors and Corporate secretaries of major companies in Kazakhstan understand the importance of strengthening the focus on ESG issues and ensuring effective management of the ESG agendas of the Board of Directors and Management meetings. The ESG challenges faced by companies vary greatly by industry and company maturity, but there are certain issues that should be taken into account when managing the ESG agenda. The publication presents the main directions for the implementation of ESG in the scope of oversight of Boards of Directors and recommendations for improving the Corporate governance of ESG issues in companies.

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Source: PwC

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