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Global survey of 4,680 Internal Audit (IA) leaders (41%), Board members and CEOs (37%), second-line leaders (11%), and compliance leaders (11%) of businesses operating in many different sectors in 81 countries PwC highlights 5 key findings including:

1. Recent megatrends are creating risks in new fields of unprecedented scale and complexity. IA will give businesses the confidence to overcome challenges and find direction. go or new opportunities.

2. IA needs to be more involved in helping to solve strategic problems. 3. IA can help combine expertise across business departments to harness momentum and create stronger things together.

4. Developing the capacity of IA’s staff is more important than ever to ensure we can turn data into decisions, build new relationships and look at risk differently.

5. IA needs to readjust its approach and collaborate with other departments to exploit the potential of technology and increase the return on technology investments as the next wave of technology has arrived. arrive.

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Source: PwC


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