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The Internal Audit Foundation, part of The Institute of Internal Auditors – The IIA, publishes a series of reports on Global Risk in Focus based on survey results. Monitor the biggest risks affecting each geography from internal audit leaders around the world. The report provides factual research and data to help internal auditors and stakeholders understand the current risk landscape, as a basis for internal audit planning for the coming years. Key findings outlined in this Report include:

1. The top 5 risks affecting the operations of businesses include: cybersecurity (73%), human capital (51%), business continuity (47%), change in regulatory (39%) and digital disruption (34%)

2. Over the next 3 years, risk exposure will increase significantly due to digital disruption (34% to 55%) and climate change (19% to 39%)

3. The top 3 risks in North America are cybersecurity (85%), human capital (65%), and changes in legal regulations (43%).

For detailed information, please see more here

Source: The IIA

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